Bucket Lists

Bucket lists. Widely popular after the movie, ‘Bucket List’, but nothing new to civilization. I am on the quest to live out my bucket list doing the things I love with the people I love.

2am insomnia is a wonderful thing for inspiration. It makes believers of unbelievers. There is something about the quietness that brings out the soul. The truest of dreams come out in the middle of the night, don’t they? Tonight, in an effort to be productive while awake (that is a whole other post-the toils of being a shift worker), I reassessed my Bucket List for the first time in years. First written naively at the age of 15, in a grundgy old notebook covered in teen-ish quotes and pictures, I wrote my hopes and dreams for what [I thought] would take a lifetime. NEWS TO ME. Apparently at 15 you don’t exactly have the most accurate depiction of forever, nevermind your LIFE. 40 items on the list, 26 are already complete. Let me tell you-I am no where near half way through my life-I hope. The list was in need of expansion.

At this point in my life, I no longer have solely my own hopes and dreams to consider. I have a tag along. A wonderful husband whom I have had the pleasure of loving for three years, and matrimonial speaking, became one with a year ago. I think something that makes me know[in my heart] that he’s my forever is that he dosen’t expect my dreams to change. Being a young bridge however, my dreams have changed almost monthly since our wedding a year ago. Thankfully, marriage has enriched my dreams more than I could ever have imagined, but lets not lie, it has definately made me consider if some were possible. Some things are just harder when you have to consider another person! Anyways, In the wee-morning hours. An ADULT bucket list was born. One I hope to share with my husband, and to accomplish over our 60 year [I pray] of marriage. It will be exciting to see how my goals, fears, and views change over the next 10, 15, 25, 50 years.


Go to Iceland

Go to Rome

Donate Blood

Have a family

Go to the glass floor of the CN Tower

Get a tattoo

Ride a roller coaster

Go to a musical on broadway

Knit a pair of mittens

Grow a vegetable garden

Build and igloo

Go to a figureskating show

Run a marathon

Go to the opera

Go to the olympics

Swim with Sharks

Hug someone I love for an entire day

Spend an entire day taking pictures

Move somewhere warm

Skate on the rideau canal

Love me, For me

Do yoga on a beach in BC

Qualify and run the Boston Marathon

Get a job I love and am passionate about

Climb a mountian

Watch the sunrise

See the Nothern Lights

Have a pet dog

Learn to knit-for real!

Try veganism for ONE YEAR

Snorkel and see a coral reef

Leave behind the past

Visit a Volcano

Walk the Great Wallk of China

Go to school to become a baker

Take photography classes

Go on a cruise

Hike the Grand Canyon

Go to Pike Place Market in Seattle

Learn to make pottery

Make a blanket for my child

Become an early riser

Quit TV-For GOOD

Build a habitat for humanity home

Write a letter to each of yoru children telling them what Ive learned and what I want them to know

Buy a house

Go to Times Square on New Years Eve

Hike a glacier

Eat only locally for a hole summer

Plant a tree

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