K Tape

I am a runner.

Now, they say to be a runner, you must have two feet off the ground at once. If not, you are a jogger. I would like to know who made this crap up. I dont care how much of a leap is in my step, the fact that I can ‘jog’ 21.6 km (13.1miles)without dying means I’m a runner.

Running for me is therapeutic. Its a time my mind can wander, but its also a time I can seriously think on the things that matter most to me. Because running is my therapy (what a cliche), it in infuriating when injury and weather slow my progress.

This being said, my body is not always cooperative. IT band. UGH. It frusterates me just saying its name. When the IT band is giving a runner trouble, it often results in sore, sometimes immobilizing pain to their outter knee and often into their hip. I am told the only thing I can do for this is ‘slow down, ice and elevate’. Well let me tell you. Hell might break loose if I cant PR at my next marathon. My second half marathon is in aprox. a month-this is not exactly the time to stop and rest. THUS-I am on a quest to find a way to reduce the pain and injury, but maintain my 10-19km training runs over the next month(s).

K Tape. Kinesiology tape. I had never heard of it until yesterday, but I am up for anything. Apparently, this stretchy neon-colored tape helps to improve circulation, support the joints and decrease recovery time. It is pretty pricey if you ask me. $19.95 CAD for 28 strips of TAPE. But hey….if it works…. I applied it  to my outter knee, just as the demo shows-and I AM ALREADY FEELING RELIEF. My knee feels amazingly supported and pain free. Apparently these suckers stay in place for up to a week, and are water resistant for showering. I look like a construction field with all the neon colours all over my legs(the running room only had neon pink and yello) but hey-if it keeps me pounding the pavement free of injury until the fall. ILL TAKE TEN.

Here’s to a great week of sweat and pavement pounding.

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