When Inspiration Hits


Hawaii-April 2011-Man to I miss that place….Love this picture because the rainbow showed right after a terrible rain storm-it ended up being one of the most beautiful days. A reminder of God’s beauty and grace.

I think that sometimes perspective is all I need. After the last post, I have had two AMAZING runs. Saturday we ended up getting lost on a hiking trail, which lead us into beautiful river trails, continuing onto some back road. It was all amazing and beautiful-so refreshing-until I started hearing gun shots! Haha. That was when we decided we should probably use the iphone (not usually a running companion-God must have been standing guard) to find our location-5 miles OUT OF TOWN. HAHAHA. All in all, great run, great views, and a hilarious memory. I think we must have stumbled around someone’s target practise or something. This run, and the long run before it have really reminded me-I am strong and driven. I seem to get down on myself for my weight a lot, and they reminded me that despite my struggles with my body and self esteem, God has blessed me with STRONG muscles in those big thighs and that big but. I should be so greatful that they can carry me 17km without killing over!;) Life is perspective.

(A picture from our run….ALMOST as blissful as that day in Hawaii. 😉 )


In other news, Graeme and I celebrated our first anniversary this weekend. We spent two days in Regina on a little get-away. Turns out, the science center is more of a kids play center. Haha. We found this out only AFTER we wasted our 18 bucks!;) Haha But it was good for laughs. We then went for dinner at Applebee’s. It was both of our first times here, we don’t have one at home. I looked up the nutritonal information-ALMOST EVERYTHING ON THEIR MENU IS OVER 1000 CALORIES! OUCH! Needless to say, I only ate half of my meal…and saved the rest of the calories for icecream later ;). We spent a lovely night, and a nice hotel which had a balcony on our room-sweet!!! Next year I think we will just stay home, or go away- Hawaii??- I have to say, Regina is NOT my favorite city. It is pretty dirty compared to ours, but it was lovely to retreat with my love. Here’s to another 75 years of blissful marriage.Image

Today I am spending my last day off on the couch, unshowered, in my flannel PJ’s watching Marley & Me on repete. I have a kidney infection, so I am feeling a little in the dumps. I have been instructed no marathon training again until next week by the doctor, so rather than being proactive and stretching or walking, Im being a lump on the couch. 😉 Im OKAY with that though. Graeme and I had the BEST pancakes EVER this morning. A recipe I took from canyoustayfordinner.com. If you have not checked out this blog, GO NOW! This woman is a wonderful writer and an ever better cook. We made Bacon Parmesan Cornmeal Pancakes-I highly suggest them. Anywho- Im off to drink more water, and feel sorry for my sick self a little longer!;) 

2 thoughts on “When Inspiration Hits

  1. Yo! Heidi isn’t the only one who reads your blog 😉

    Also, Bryan and I tried the Science Center one day. We will not be going back until our child is big enough to enjoy it. You really don’t get your money’s worth when you’re too big for a lot of stuff, and too old for everything else.

    – Becca

    • HAHA YAYYY!! Thanks for all the support blog reading friends!:) Soon enough though, your little munchkin will be big enough for some of that stuff!!!

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