Winter Wonderland

Started off the day with the shortest 2.5km run. Humorously, I got out and had to pee SO bad there was no hope of continuing to run. I thought I might be able to make it 4 km at least, but by 1.5km I was all “STEPH, IM GOING TO PEE MY PANTS”. Back home we went, will go back out for another 6km this evening. I have finally got back to running, and loving it. I am back to the girl who looks forward to running every day. I have started a new 5-days-a-week half marathon plan. This is new for me, as someone who used to train 3 days a week, but I think that it will keep me more consistent. This week I managed to run 4 days while I worked 12 hour shifts AND through a freezing rain/snow storm! YAY! Progress. I never used to run after work unless I was behind for the week; always found myself too tired. This week, I felt more energized and less stressed. Who would have thunk. My brain just needed to run. 


(Taking on my trek to work from my parking spot the morning after our first storm of winter!)

Another win for progress. I started taking another yoga class last week, more of a back stretch out rather than a work out, but I really felt a great stretch in my back and hope to continue to go once a week. Hoping it will combat some nursing-back-pain!

I am still feeling complacent in some ways, but much more encouraged and feeling free to explore where and what I want to be at this stage in life. =)

In other news, making crock pot chicken cordon blue today: literally took my 3 and a half minutes to put it together. Check out the recipe at !!!

Having a relaxing day at home doing some laundry and chores, hoping for an Obama victory on this voting day! (Since american politics affect us Canadian’s so incredibly much!;) )


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