In Love

“We are really advocates of just getting as happy as you can be – which takes care of everything. Even if you don’t have reason to be happy – make it up. Fantasize it. Make a decision that you’re going to be happy one way or another – no matter what. No matter what, I’m going to be happy! If I have to ignore everybody; if I have to never watch television again; if I have to never pick up a newspaper again, I’m going to be happy. If I never have to see that person’s face again, I’m going to be happy. If I have to see that person’s face, I’m going to find something to see in that person’s face that makes me happy. I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be happy.”- Abrahm Hicks


Just because… 25 things I love:


1. Being able to wake up leisurely to the sunshine and chirping birds feeling well rested.

2. The crunching of fall leaves under your feet…. and really just fall in general. The leaves are so beautiful, the temperature is just right so you can wear all your cute winter clothes, the leaves have that wonderful crunch under your feet, and it makes you just cozy enough that you can start baking, burning scented candles, and having hot bubble baths! Oh and the nip of the cold on your cheeks! AHHhhh… just enough for a rosey glow.

3. Snuggles no matter what the source, man child or beast: all snuggles are the best!

4. The moments I look at my husband and my heart and mind is instantly filled with love.

5. Super hot bubble baths; with candles.

6. Crawling into a freshly made bed.

7. A few moments of silence after a hectic day, especially if those moments are in the fresh air.

8. Watermelon. Plain and simpler. Is there anything better?!

9. A hot starbucks coffee on a blustery dreary day.Or even a caramel steamer…anything starbucks.

10. Realizing that peace comes from within. 

“Peace isn’t a permanent state. It exists in moments. Fleeting. Gone before we even knew it was there. Everyday we all experience these moments of peace. The trick is to know when they are happening so that we can embrace them, live in them.”
Derrik, Grey’s Anatomy

11. Scented candles: instant relaxation.

12. Muscle ache after a REALLY good work out. It’s the burn of accomplishment.

13. Wearing a wedding ring. Its like instant brag to the world “Hey, I have the most amazing, wonderful man in my life.”

14. Skating. It’s how I think flying must feel.

15. Suprises. =) Given or recieved.

16. Being a nurse. We get to see people in their most vulnerable moments. That fact alone, no matter how stressful or demeaning our job can sometimes be, is worth it in the end. That people allow us into their lives and lean on us for support in their scariest days.

17. Painted nails. Every girl deserves a little flair!

18. Writing. I have recently discovered how utterly therapeutic writing can be for me.

19. Blogs. I love reading blogs. Getting to see the world through other people’s eyes from your cozy couch.

20. Photography.

21. Everything pink. Who cares if I’m a grown up. Ill be a pink-loving-girl forever.

22. Cooking. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal.

23. Running. Free therapy.

24. The phase in winter when the snow has fallen, and it is utterly beautiful outside, but it isn’t cold enough to hate it yet.

25. Family. No matter how much they can drive you nuts-o. The feeling of unconditional love and belonging never get old.


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