The past couple days I have been tolerating embracing winter. Running out doors and finding enjoyable activities to partake in indoors. Last night after one of those runs, I had a fall while walking to my car. All of my weight jammed my patella into an icy corner. Today it is swollen and painful, so I am taking today to rest it…and went out to buy some ice picks for my shoes, in hopes that I will have an injury-free running season. [Maybe I should get an extra pair for walking to the car too?! HA!]


It is a blustery -12 degrees celcius today. Thus, I have been doing things like organizing and purging closets, cooking, laundry, cleaning and my favorite, SHOPPING! I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Winner’s today! Yeep! A whole 250$ worth. Usually I find one or two things, today, I found a bajillion things which I just LOVED. So…..I some how convinced myself since I just got rid of half of my closet with purging, I could buy my self a few things I really love for the winter season.Image

Two Jessica Simpson shoulder satchels and a lace dress.


Juicy Couture Earrings.


Random brand studded boots. Not my typical style, but I LOVE them!

I also got a yellow blouse I can wear with tights/boots and a fleece-lined running sweater. Neither photograph well. 😉

I then picked up some groceries, including this new veggie goat cheese pizza. I would not typically blog about a pizza, but this one really impressed me. I cooked it as I threw in some laundry on our pizza stone (instructions say to put directly on the rack)


My review: 10/10 of all freezer aisle pizza’s I have ever had. The crust was crisp, but fluffy and soft on in the inside. Light, yet filling at the same time. Perfect topping to crust ratio. Splendid. I ate no less than 1/2 of the pizza. 1/4 is a serving; I skipped breakfast, two meals in one? Ha!


The nutritional stat’s weren’t terrible either….


Now I am off to read this month’s issue of Women’s Health magazine, sip a diet pepsi, and enjoy my final day off before a long-weekend working at the hospital!

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