Amigos Date Night

Graeme and I went on a little date night tonight as it was our first friday off together in a few weeks.



Started off by doing some christmas shopping….for myself. ha. We intended to get shopping done for his side of the family. Turns out we only got Graeme’s brother something and then I got a few things as well as Graeme got a few things. We then went to a mexican place in Saskatoon called ‘Amigos Cantina’. I have lived here for 8 years and had never tried it; but have heard many people at work rave about it. Lets just say it was pretty incredible.[Please excuse the pictures, we were pretty much sitting in the dark thanks to us accidentally choosing a corner with no lights! Nice for ambiance, not so much for photography!]

We started off with some drinks, and then decided to get some chips and fresh salsa once we realized it would probably be a bit of a wait.



We ate no less than the entire basket as we were starving by time we arrived. Chips were the usual restaurant-type, but they had some sort of salty seasoning which tasted great. Salsa was fresh with a bit of bite. Delicious. Just what we needed to tide us over to dinner. We both ordered the burrito and enchilada combo. Big mistake. Neither of us could finish as they were HUGE. I got the beef and beans, Graeme got the chicken. We both agree the beef was MUCH better. The chicken lacked luster. The beef was incredibly seasoned and perfectly moist. It was about 40$ in total for our drinks, appetizer and meals. Not bad.



We were way too stuffed for dessert, so we went to McNally Robinsons were we got hot chocolate to sip while we browsed some books. Neither of us ended up buying anything. 

**NOTE** If you have never had McNally Robinson’s Prarie Ink Hot Chocolate….Run! Now! There’s a reason I have been calling it Orgasmic Hot Chocolate since highschool. It is just-that-good.



Now since we act like we are senile, it is 9:35am and we are in for the night. Graeme is in the bath, when he is done we will watch some Fresh Prince of Belair (since we couldn’t agree on a movie), and probably hit the sack before midnight. The life of a young married couple. =) Wouldn’t want it any other way.

Happy Friday!

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