Coffee Addict. No Rehab Required.

This winter, instead of staying inside and anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring, I am writing myself a few goals to make the cold season (-40C ish in Saskatchewan, CA) more fun!

1) Learn to knit. FOR REAL. No giving up at the first sign of struggle. Repeat after me; I will learn to pearl, I will learn to pearl, I will produce something beautiful, I will produce something beautiful!

2) Go to yoga/some sort of fitness class once a week. One of my new years resolutions was to do yoga once I week, and I fell off that train back in March when my running schedule got really busy with an upcoming marathon. I feel if I put less pressure on yoga, more on just doing SOMETHING I enjoy once a week….I am more likely to pursue it; and find friends who don’t like yoga to come along! haha. Already have some zumba, yoga, and boot camp plans in the works! Any fun suggestions?

3) Clean out the storage closet. If you have seen our storage closet, you KNOW what a disaster this will be!

4) Start saving for our trip to San Francisco! 

5) Learn to make wicked awesome butter tarts, and share the recipe on All Of Life’s Questions! Because I just re-tried then for the first time in my adult life….I’m in love. *Random Fact* Butter tarts are one of the few ‘canadian’ foods.

6) Go Skating! As many times as humanly possible with my schedule/my friends schedules! Really, this is my #1 favorite activity! I love it even more than running! *SHOCKER*

7) Go tobogganing….stop being so darn afraid of breaking something and live a little! You are only 22….(and probably 23 by then) once!

8) Find a late winter/early spring race and commit to it! Brain Freeze 10km? Gopher Half Marathon? Anyone know of any others? These are just one’s I’ve run before…

9) Plan more date nights!! This weekend was THE BEST. Know why? Graeme had no homework, I had no work…and we actually went out rather than acting like 80 year olds with our cardigans and wool socks on, in bed at 9pm!

10) Stop quitting coffee. I love it. Plain and simple. I don’t care who says it isn’t good for me. I drink 1….sometimes 4 cups a day, depending on if I am working nights or not. Its a simple pleasure which I seem to try to ‘quit’ every 3 or so months. DONE. I AM EMBRACING MY COFFEE ADDICTION!!!!! In fact. Im drinking my second cup right now. Despite needing to sleep the day away to prepare for my night shift. So HA! Take that coffee haters! =)

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