Winter + Night Shifts = No sun for days.

This was what it looked like coming home at 0800


This week I had 4 night shifts. As a result, I was at work after the sun set (1930- the sun has been setting around 1715) and home and in bed before it ever rises (0800- The sun has been rising around 0815 these days). My last night shift, I was late leaving work due to transferring a pretty acutely ill patient, so I wasn’t home until 0830. What a treat. I forgot how GOOD the sunrise feels. It was pink, beautiful and lovely. The first fleck of sun I had seen in nearly 100 hours. (My phone was dead, so I wasn’t able to snatch a picture) It seems on the coldest mornings (-20C)….the sun is the most spectacular!

This isn’t a blog about my faith, but I had to share a ‘God moment’. My faith is a huge part of my life.

The sunrise seems to be God’s reminder to me of life’s beauty. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the sickness and devastation that can sometimes bestow people in the emergency room. We see people on their worst day, we see people loose their loved ones, we see people suffer. We see people who abuse their gift of life. We don’t get them all back. It seems that the days that this is wearing on me the most (because I am an emotional person, I can’t 100% block it out like some…) there always seems to be a beautiful sunrise to remind me life is beautiful, and life is good.

Isaiah 45:6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else.

With that reminder, and an empty belly (I find it hard to eat more than one meal on nights), I was one hungry nurse, excited for a week off. I got home and whipped up some french toast with english muffins as we didn’t have any bread left along with some scrambled eggs and bacon. I had the pleasure of enjoying breakfast with my beautiful husband.(He would be so embarrassed to hear me say that in public, but trust me, he has such a beautiful soul. I really think he is beautiful!) Let me tell you. I was stuffed to the brim before snuggling into bed.


Today, I am awake before the sun again. I got a LOT of sleep transitioning back onto a day schedule. 7 hours yesterday, and another 5 last night. I sit here sipping my coffee. (Which, might I add….daily consumption has increased from 1-4 cups the past two weeks) Anxiously awaiting daylight. Excited for a weekend with my husband! We are both off ALL WEEKEND! YAY!!!

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman

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