Full Closet, Nothing to Wear

This week’s weigh in: 194.4 lbs  -0.6lb

Do you ever feel like you have absolutely NOTHING acceptable to wear…even though you have a full closet of beautiful clothes that fit you? Thats how I was feeling yesterday. I tried on almost everything I owned, and couldn’t come up with something I absolutely adored.

ImageMy husband is usually the slob in our relationship….but on days like this, I am a disaster! MY stuff is everywhere!! Its like my closet threw up! Sorry G!

Anyways. Needless to say, today is organizing/cleaning up day in this house!!

Currently drinking a nice strong cup of Starbucks Christmas blend, writting a healthy grocery list. We typically eat pretty healthy at home, its the crazy 10pm cravings  eating out on a whim that kills me. Last night for my birthday dinner I felt prepared. I looked up the meanu ahead of time so that I could plan what I would order, and was able to head into the restaurant prepared to do well with my healthful eating. It worked! I had my steak, a small serving of potatoes and no more!


I am currently writing a grocery list/meal plan for the week. My goal: to incorperate foods that will feel like indulgences so that I don’t feel deprived and end up eating everything in site! This includes things like crispy chicken fingers (made with cornflakes and baked), portabella pizzas, and bean burgers! I am excited to make over some recipes. Feeling very optimistic about this journey!=)

Anyways, I better get my butt moving, if I don’t hurry up and get ready for church, we will be late! Happy Sunday!



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