Premature Birthday Celebrations

Today was a wonderful day! Started the day off with a healthy breakfast and loads of coffee, followed by hours of lounging, pinteresting, and watching brainless TV. The perfect relaxing afternoon. At 1400, I went for a baby run. Just 3km: but I once again PR’d! 17min. 48 seconds. Average pace 5’55”. This was one of the short runs of my marathon training plan. So glad I got out there: I decided to run alone today because my running partner was going out before the sun and I was really feeling the need for sunlight! It was FREEZING out, but felt so great to cross another run off the list. After that I got all purdy’d up for my birthday celebration. A bunch of my friends and I all have october-december birthdays. We went out to celebrate at a local steak house, The Granary. I completely forgot to take pictures there. The steak was good…but portions were small and everything was WAY over priced. I think I would WAY rather The Keg (where we tried to get reservations and were told we should have called back in September! Sheesh). After The Granary, Becky was so sweet to bake us a cake and hold dessert at their house. Some of the group left, but the rest of us went for more birthday fun! Here are some pictures from the night. All on my phone: sorry for the grainy texture! This premature birthday girl (my true birthday is in two weeks) is off to bed for some Zzz’s!

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