Late Night Snacker

So last night, I was all snuggly in bed beside my husband while he read. It was 1830. I meant to only sleep for half an hour or so….9 hours later I woke up. 0330….awesome. Not. Now it is 0400 and I am WIDE awake. Of course I woke up starving because I didn’t eat before falling off to sleep. I am currently drinking a can of Coke. 

This is something I know. I have no self control late at night/early in the morning. This is when an entire day of healthy eating can go south. Anyways. Trying to only indulge in ONE can of coke and a cheesy bread stick. Serving size. Serving size. Serving size. But why did I not just make breakfast? This is going to be a struggle I hope it just keeps getting easier!

Right now, I am watching the latest episode of Criminal Minds….trying not to get scared out of my mind. AH!

Until next time….

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