Beneath It all (Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish Review)

Today, after being up SUPER early, I was able to cozy back into bed for a couple hours. I was finally falling back asleep when I glanced at the clock to see: 0835. My genius husband slept in again. Now…its not like this isn’t a common occurrence. I’d say at least once a week he turns off his own alarm and goes back to sleep. I don’t know why, and it drives me BONKERS. That, or he doesn’t hear it at all and I have to nudge him awake to stop the blaring! Anyways, so I got up to drive him so that he wouldn’t be late for some important thing at work: he takes the bus usually (no sympathy here, when he finally decides to get a license he can drive himself.) On the way home I was absolutely starving. Wasted aprox. 900 calories of my daily calorie allotment on a sub-par sausage sandwich and hash-browns.


Im telling you. Early morning decisions and me don’t mix. I should be locked up until roughly 10am. 

Next I came home to catch up on one of my currently mindless TV shows: Underemployed, and caffinate myself so I would stop making bad nutrition choices.


After that, it was off to the races. Just kidding. I had to find some bras as mine were desperately stretched out and not fitting. I had been recommended a little Saskatoon boutique called “Beneath It All”, so I went. Very pricey, the average bra is 80-100$, however, I have never felt so good naked! The lady at the boutique worked one-on-one with me to find the proper size and fit for my body shape. For 200$ I came out with a practical tshirt bra and then a pretty lacy bra and pantie set. I will definitely go back. What a great experience.

Also picked up some lip stuff, bubble bath, and this nail polish with a sephora gift card I had to use (had to return some clinique face wash as I was allergic):



Man do I feel scammed. For 18 bucks it advertises a beautiful fishnet detail made with the attached magnet. Well. Let me tell you, I followed the instructions to the tee and no design WHATSOEVER. 0/10. This stuff had a nice colour, but didn’t give anything it promised! So wish I spent the money on TWO essie colours instead!

Now I am off to meet my new family doctor! Here’s to hoping she’s the one! Its been a long, hard search! PEACE homies!=)


2 thoughts on “Beneath It all (Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish Review)

  1. Cute post 🙂 Which family doctor are you meeting? I’m dreading moving to Edmonton simply at the threat of needing to find a new one. Mine in S’toon is the best, and she is a OB/GYN too!

    • Thanks! The doc here is new in town, she had a practice in the UK, moved to shaunavan for 9 months and is now here to live near her family!:) She was wonderful!!!

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