Bison. Just do it.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having dinner with a friend from nursing school. M married another nursing school friend, D and they now have a beautiful 4.5 month old! He is absolutely charming! I was so excited to meet him, and catch up. Too bad D didn’t come! It was wonderful to see M though! She says motherhood is tiring, but she looks great doing it. She is stunning, as usual!


We ate at Fuddruckers so we could have an easy, relaxed atompshere. And….if you know me…I LOVE FUDD’S! Seriously. Ive never tried anything I didn’t love there! I ordered the bison burger on a whole wheat bun. For these reasons, I try to eat bison meat when I can (other than its just as tasty, if not more, than beef):

“When eating bison meat, you are consuming a natural product, which is good for your health. Bison are strictly grass-fed, not fed in a feedlot. They are also handled as little as possible, and are not subjected to questionable drugs, chemicals, growth-inducing hormones or steroids that can be detrimental to your health.

When eating bison meat, there is not a threat of E-coli and it contains no known human allergens.

When eating bison meat you are consuming a healthy alternative meat that is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef, turkey, skinless chicken and fish.


Bison: 93 Calories, 1.8 grams Fat
, 43 mg. Cholesterol

Turkey: 125 Calories, 3.0 grams Fat, 59 mg. Cholesterol

Fish: 125 Calories, 3.0 grams Fat, 59 mg. Cholesterol

Chicken: 140 Calories, 3.0 grams Fat, 73 mg. Cholesterol

Beef: 183 Calories, 8.7 grams Fat, 55 mg. Cholesterol”


I didn’t snap a photo of what I ate as I was WAY too busy oogling the baby!=) My husband was too!

We picked up groceries and then came home and went to bed after catching up on the latest Amazing Race episode. (Around 2130, Graeme was pooped)

Because of the early bed time, I was up bright and early when Staff Scheduling called at 0615 to ask me to do an overtime shift today. No OT for this girl, I love my days off WAY. TOO. MUCH. But, I was feeling inspired for a delicious breakfast.

Thus, Egg Nog French Toast was born! I don’t like egg nog to drink: the thought of raw eggs grosses me out, but, cooked….mmmmm! See recipe here!

Sitting, sipping on a big cup of coffee with some egg nog mixed in instead of creamer [this is totally legal: the hot coffee OBVIOUSLY cooks up all the salmonella…right?!], waiting for the sun to shine its face! Getting excited for christmas! Can’t wait to get our tree up on thursday!

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