Morning Glory

Being a shift-working nurse definitely has it’s perks. You work your hiney off for 4 days at a time, with no social life….but MAN are the stretches off W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L! I have been sticking to a pretty normal sleep pattern this stretch [which is rare after nights], and it has been making my life so much better! I have been going to sleep around 2200-2230. Waking up around 0700-0800. Averaging about 9 hours/night, no alarms necessary [Yes, my body is most happy on 9 hours, not 7 like most adults!]. I get to see my hunny off before he goes to school, and I get to enjoy the quietness morning brings. Its wonderful.

I have been spending my mornings drawing out coffee time to somewhere around 1000 [with anywhere from 1-3 cups: creamer in the first, and they become stronger and stronger as I ‘top up’, until I have no cream, only coffee] while I browse all of my favorite blogs, and work on things for All Of Life’s Questions. Readership is growing, and I am so thankful! Its so nice to know that there are actually people reading, rather than being lost in the abyss of the techie world. I hope you all keep reading as I am enjoying writing immensely.

Yesterday I painted my nails after some blog work. Too bad I was too rushed to get dressed to run….I messed up 3 of these beaut’s!


Turns out it wasn’t even worth it! We ended up staying inside and giving the Dancing With The Stars workout video another shot. We did the entire 45 minutes…all three dances. My review remains the same. We mostly flailed the entire time.

I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen this week as well. I have been enjoying making healthier versions of food x10. Its like a super-challenge, and I am totally UP FOR IT! Not only is it fun, but it fires me up to eat healthy. It makes it exciting! Yesterday for dinner I made these incredible Spicy Coconut Chicken Strips


ImageFollowed by half of one of the almond butter cups I made! It was de-lightful. Way better than fast-food.

Thank goodness for cooking. It serves as  a temporary reprieve from the cold. Our thermostat is NOT working. It has been set to 90-100 all week, and it remains a chilly 60-65….sometimes 67 when cooking! At -25 C…this is NOT good.

This morning, I awoke to the chilly air, and decided to make a version of baked oatmeal I saw on pinterest.

ImageThis one definitely requires some tweaking before I post a recipe. A dab of butter greatly helped the flavors meld, but something was missing? Round two next week maybe?


Today’s healthy lifestyle goals? Go to Yoga For Backs with some gals from work, get in a zombie march  run [I hate the darn treadmill…but I don’t think my asthmatic lungs can take -20 today], and try to reduce the salt I ingest: I awoke with slightly swollen fingers today, I can only attribute it to too much salt? hormonal variations? TMI?


Here’s to another relaxing, joy-filled day….and wedding rings that fit!=)

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