Egg-In-A-Bag (Plain Cheese)

Today, I was craving protein like something mad, and was inspired by pinterest. The egg in a bag folks. This is not a new concept to me, back in my beginning camp staff days, egg-in-a-bag happened periodically through the summer. I was disgusted by it. As a 16-year-old who only ate eggs fried or boiled, a omelette had never crossed my pallet. I know. Sheltered. It only took one look at the picture of a perfect omelette in a bag to bring me back and excited this now-omelette-loving gal!

I gathered my things; eggs (2), cheese (2 tbsp shredded), salt, pepper, and a splash of milk( 2 tbsp) in a freezer bag [chosen due to its superior durability to a sandwich bag]. **NOTE** I put my bag into a bowl for easy-filling.



Next, I shook those poor eggs to a pulp.



Finally, I plopped the bag into a boiling pot of water, and let it do it’s thing for 14 minutes.

ImageThe omelette slid right out of the bag onto my plate after the cooking process. The first one I made, I forgot the milk, so the egg was a little denser [pictured above]. I loved it so much that I made a second WITH the milk and was blown away at a perfectly fluffy, full flavored omelette. FANTASTIC. I will definitely do this again. It was AWESOME to be able to walk away and just come back when the stove alarm went off! From what I understand, the more mix-ins you add, the longer it can take: up to 18 minutes. 14 was perfect for a simple egg and cheese omelette though! Below is the second WITH milk. One of these bad boys WITH the milk (skim) is only 171 calories! (160 without the milk)



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