Moderation is something I have been learning. I have a very addictive personality, so it is a constant struggle. This week I am learning that my freezer is my best friend!

We only have a small apartment-style freezer, but I have been loading it up. I used to make full batches of cookies/buns/soups etc. and then struggle to find places to store it….and the no-so-good-for-me stuff would get eaten to prevent spoilage.

Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies. 109 calories each. Awesome if you can only eat one or two. Knowing myself, I tried freezing two dozen (the recipe made 4 dozen). It workd beautifully. I rolled the dough into perfect sized dough balls, and froze them in freezer-bags with the cooking instructions and nutrition stats. This did leave me with 24 whole cookies still though! Thankfully, my husband’s bible study class was having its closing class before christmas! Hallelujah!

Graeme came home from school and promptly asked “Can I take these tonight?”….I obliged and loaded up a tupperware. By the time he was ready to leave…I stuffed it full with what was left so I wouldn’t feel tempted.

So now, here we are. 2 dozen cookies in my freezer, and I feel confident in saying that this is one of my greatest ideas in a long-time! I can now just pull out ONE or two individually frozen dough balls when I am craving something sweet…and not feel tempted with an entire batch!

By the way: These are the best cookie I have ever made. Definitely #1 on my list….

Click for the recipe link!


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