6 Things I Can’t Live Without

5. I got Betty Crocker’s Cookbook my first year of university when I started venturing into the world of home cooked meals [other than when my parents were out of town] from my parents. It was a stocking stuffer. Most times I buy cook books based on the amount of pictures, so it is a good thing I was given this one. Very few pictures, but EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE. is rock-star amazing. I have yet to try something that wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. As you can see, it is WELL worn 6 years later. It is taped together, the back cover is missing, and many things are doggy-eared and flagged with post-it’s. This cookbook is one I write ratings in as well. For example, the chocolate chip cookies have a 9.5/10. The best I have ever had.


5. Wisk. Have you ever tried to get a sauce smooth without one? Ever tried to make meringue in a double-broiler without one? Good-luck. Whoever invented these things deserves a freakin’ nobel peace prize.

4. Silpat. First introduced to me on OhSheGlows. My introduction to the blog world. I yearned for one for years before finally handing over $49.99 for one this year. NOTHING sticks to this bad boy. Line your baking sheet with it in preparation for the stickiest, messiest, throw-out-the-pan worthy messes. They will fall off without effort. Only downside, its slightly tough to wash as even dish soap slides around like crazy, but TOTALLY worth it.

3. Kitchen Aid Food Processor. I make EVERYTHING in this bad boy. I chop, I grate, I puree, I blend. LOVE it. Only had it for a year and a half and it is already WELL-worn!

2. Mason jars! I have all different styles, shapes and sizes. I use them to store my pantry goods, to transport liquids to and from work, to store things in the fridge, shaking up sauces, flower vases, decorating….the possibilities are endless. I would love to own some vintage blue ball ones….I hear they are pricey though!


1. Kitchen Aid Mixer. Enough Said? If you know me, you know I would marry this thing if appliances could wed. Not only do I use it for mixing and fluffing, but I use it to tenderize ground meat for loaves, I use it to mash potatoes, I use it to knead, I use it to make pasta. Again, Endless Possibilities.




4 thoughts on “6 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. I cannot wait for the day I own a kitchen aid mixer. Jeremy says I can’t have one till we get married. I can’t help but admire them every time I see one!

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