Organic Shopping(and my first DSLR post)

Today I went shopping at my favorite grocery store: Dad’s Organic. I like shopping here because it has EVERYTHING I could possibly ever look for all in one place, plus, locally raised meat and eggs!

Today was a steal. I must have walked in just as they put all of the weeks reduced produce out! Esentially, all of the ripe produce. I got two bags of carrots for $2, a bag of peppers for $2, a huge bag of assorted mushrooms for $2 and two bags of plum tomatoes for $3. Cheaper than I would have gotten them NON organic!=) Because there was obviously too much produce for my hubbie and I to demolish in the next couple days. I washed and chopped all of it and froze it for quick meals later on!



I often hear ‘I’d love to eat organic food but it is way too expensive!’. I understand that it is more pricey, but in my opinon, you pay for quality. Also, if you make smart purchases, and buy in bulk, it can reduce the price greatly [for example, freezing veggies]. I believe in pesticide, antibiotic, and hormone free food. This is not to say I eat strictly organic, but I would love to one day. Here is what about 70$ can get me at the organic store [including all the veg above, please note, these are our specialty items. With the except of veg and eggs, we do not buy everything on a weekly bases, more like a monthly to bimonthly bases! We top up with cheaper varieties week-to-week]. I also got about 30$ of skin-care products!
This bag is HUGE. For 12 dollars, I will probably have enough chia seeds for the next year and a half. My last container was about 3/4 this amount and lasted me one year. I use chia seeds to pack a nutritional punch to smoothies and baking, as a thickener, and as a vegan egg substitute. When mixed with 1 tbsp water, a tsp of chia seeds will become a gel-like consistency.

I like getting one treat at the organic store. Something that maybe not necessarily be ‘better’ for me, but that makes the shopping trip more exciting. I try to vary what I buy to try new things. These were $2.79. Bonus, they are 170 calories per 30 chip serving. I had some with my lunch and only felt the need for half a serving as they were so large!=)

We go through a lot of cheese in our house. This is a new brand for us…and a pricey brand for us. Our usual is from Sobey’s…but I hate making two trips. We usually get the organic swiss for $6.99 at Sobey’s, also 200g. This cheddar was $9.18 or something like that. I didn’t realize until I got home, but it is lactose free, which is a bonus: especially considering its made from milk, not soy.

Our FAVORITE greek yogurt. If you are still new to the greek world, try this one. Its the best we have tried [and we have tried a lot!]. It goes for $5.99 a container. This stuff is so rich, thick and creamy, I actually prefer it to treats like ice cream and cake!!

For protein this week I picked up some ground bison(local: 1 lb= $10), this canned smoked salmon, almond barney butter and eggs. I tried the salmon for lunch today. It is incredible. At 10$ a can, we will not be buying this often, but MAN is it good for a treat. I had 1/3 can(80 calories) atop a salad today and I loved every.single.bite. They also have a similar tuna for cheaper. Will try this soon. The eggs at this store are awesome. $4.99/dozen (much cheaper than $6.99 at Sobey’s)…and they are from a local organic free range farm! The yolks are so yellow and flavorful. There’s really nothing better!

I had also been looking for some sulphate-free (sodium laureth sulphate: a known skin irritant which is the #1 or #2 ingredient in most commercial cleaning products: I seem to be reacting terribly to it lately) soap, and found a reasonably priced ($4.97) bar here. It smells lovely, and is made of all natural ingredients.Today also marks the start of my natural-facial cleansing routine. I am trying the oil-cleansing-method which I have researched extensively. I have been starting it this week with coconut oil, but castor oil is an emollient for getting deep down in your pores which is required for it to work properly. I also got some tea tree oil for spot treatments, and some essential oil to add to the face-wash for piz-az! I will write more on this process in a few weeks and post pictures!

Now I am off to cook the day away for work all weekend. Graeme and I were going to put up the tree today, but have deferred that to next week! Hope you now understand where the big-bucks go in organic shopping! I also hope you enjoyed my first completely DSLR photo post! Hopefully these will become the norm! Still becoming comfortable with my skills! Happy Natural Eating!

4 thoughts on “Organic Shopping(and my first DSLR post)

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    • Thanks for visiting the blog. I fortunately take all of my own pictures. For things such as ideas I try to mention in my blog where I got it from, and if possible a link to the original!:)

  2. Is the taste of organic fruits/veggies quite different from the other stuff? We’ll be making our own baby food and I want to buy organic, so I might as well buy everything organic but I don’t think I’ve ever tried any before.

    • Organic food tastes mostly the same. The only exception is celery and carrots(sweeter, i can tastes the pesticides now when i buy non) and meat….the meat is VERY different.

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