Crying Over Spilled Milk

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. [Yep, like the children’s book]. It started off with me waking up late, and being unable to shower or drink coffee or eat breakfast rushed out to pick up a friend from the airport. My side street has still not been plowed from the snow storm on the weekend [and probably will not be until June…ha!], and thus my car was parked on a snow heap-like part of the street. I was stuck. For a LONG time. FINALLY, I got out. Not only this, but I realized the window in the back seat was open (I assumed it was my husband, turns out…it must have been some random hooligan trying to break in) and there was a giant snow pile on the back seat.

Arrive at the airport to pick up T and the jerk of a security guard booted me out of the ‘pick up only, no waiting area’ just as she was walking up. 

Uneventfully drop T off. Rush home to eat and drink coffee. Coffee cold as coffee maker turned off 15 minutes shy of my arrival. I heat it up. Grab the jar of creamer from the fridge and drop it all over the floor.



Finally get it cleaned up…and have to mop due to the sugar in the creamer. BAH. So much for my plans. As I bend down to clean after putting on my favorite comfy pants as I also spilt milk all over myself, RIPPPPP! I now own a pair of booty shorts. GREAT. My favorite lazy-day pants.

I finally get my kitchen cleaned up, and get a few other things done and I sit down late afternoon to write a blog post. Just as I press publish, something happens and it all disappears! WAHHH!

The rest of the afternoon and evening was pretty uneventful, and I go to have a relaxing bath. (After my husband’s shower). I fill up the tub half way with steamy hot, comfy water….and FAREWELL heat. Cold water. 

That has been my day. The post I wrote was a new spaghetti sauce recipe. It will now have to wait for another day when my frustration has worn off! Here’s to a better day tomorrow!;0)

This link made me laugh after such a bad day!:ące-rzeczy.html

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