Oil Cleansing Method

About 3 weeks ago, I purchased some clinique facial cleansers in desperation for my 20-something acne prone skin. I never had much acne as a teenager, and now, in my adult years it is worse than ever. I had tried MANY things and was feeling so frustrated and embarrassed by my skin. Within two days of using the clinique facial cleansers, my face was try, peeling, itchy and red. I looked up the ingredients. Sodium Laureth Sulphate. A known skin irritant was their #2 ingredient (even thought they claim to be for sensitive skin). Pft! The more I looked, the more I discovered that this is what is in most skin care products to make it foam! Great!

I started researching natural ways to clean my body, face and hair. Not only where they CHEAP, but they promised pretty great results.

I decided on the oil cleansing method for my face [more on my hair and body cleansing in another post]. You can read all about it here:


I was desperate, so I was willing to give anything a shot. The basic premise is like binds with like. So the oil cleanses your face by binding to the oil you naturally secret. This is great because traditional store bought cleansers are designed to strip the face of its oils completely, this method retains moisture by only binding with skin’s oils and replacing them with oils of a similar PH.

Because my face was damaged and dry, I used an old face-wash bottle and filled it 1/4 way with castor oil (from the organic store: 11$/bottle and I used only 1/8th of the bottle) and filled the rest of the bottle with olive oil. Next I added 4 drops of tea tree oil (this stuff is potent, don’t add too much) as it is a natural acne remedy. Finally I added 7-8 drops of tangerine essential oil to give it a nice luxurious smell.

To use the concoction, you rub it on your dry face for aprox. 1 minute. Next you get a face cloth nice and hot under the tap and let it sit on your face until it cools (about 20 seconds). Do this twice. On your third round, wipe off the excess oil. The steaming helps to open your pores so the facial cleanser can penetrate the dirt and grime stuck in them.

I was skeptical at first. I had hear your skin can do through a detox phase where you get white heads for a few days while your skin pushes out all the toxins. I minimally had this for one day, nothing worse than the acne.

Here was my skin on day one (brave, I know…early am face, no make up, no coffee):

DAY ONE: lots of acne around cheeks and chin, uneven skin tone, dry.


DAY FIVE: More even skin tone, dramatically decreased acne, moisturized skin.


I am beyond happy with the results I am having with this method, and I love that it is so CHEAP to make!!! I would suggest this to anyone! On that link above they have the recipe for oily skin, dry skin, combo skin! Anyone can try.

I wash my face at night, and in the morning I just rinse with water and put a little bit of coconut oil on to moisturize before my make up.

The castor oil is INCREDIBLE with getting off makeup and is safe for use around your eyes. I haven’t needed makeup remover at all since starting!

Ill update this again in a few weeks with more pictures of how my skin is doing!:)

UPDATE!!! After about a 4-day crazy break out, my skin is getting back to its smooth-ish state. Will continue to use this method for another month or so before evaluating if I will keep it or not!

DAY 21


4 thoughts on “Oil Cleansing Method

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  2. Let me know how it works! I would try it but I’m so scared that my acne will return… I’m using proactiv and it works wonderfully but it’s pretty harsh chemicals in there and it’s also kind of pricey. Keep the pics coming! I love how bold you are!

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