IMG_0406Today was a lovely day at home. Started off waking up to say “Graeme…You are going to be late for school”….yet again [I think he counts on my internal alarm!]… Followed by some egg nog spiked coffee (still no creamer after yesterday’s disaster, grocery day is friday) and egg nog oats (oats + egg nog+ chia seeds+ craisins+ melty almond butter on top). I must say, delicious, and filling. I could only eat half of this!

I worked on some blog stuff, lazed around, looked a cute things on etsy….so basically, a normal lazy day off when I am home alone. 😉

Next, I went to do my hair and realized that doing my oil cleansing method in the same bath I washed my hair last night was a TERRIBLE idea beacuse my hair was super oily, matted, and ICK. So instead of freaking out and jumping into the shower, I decided to give myself a little hot oil treatment. My hair is getting pocahontas-like its so long ans is desparetly in need of a trim [thank goodness I have a hair appointment next week]…..so, I covered my hair in warm coconut oil and wrapped it all up in a scarf.photo-105I proceeded to think: Hey, why not. Spa day in the house yo’! 🙂 I painted my nails too!



I needed to get into the christmas mood, as Graeme and I had planned to put up the tree/ make our traditional dutch cookies, Specculas tonight. I decided to whip up some homemade graham crackers with a flair. Egg nog. Of course! While I was doing that, I found the recipe that Gaeme’s Mom gave me on a christmas card back when we were engaged. It was a tradition for Graeme growing up. LOVE that it is an hand-written recipe. Something so homey about it.



Graeme’s family is also apparently doing their tree today because the mother in law texted me this photo of an old ornament:

photo-103Wasn’t my husband THE cutest little boy? I hope our kids take his genes! I finally sat down with Graeme to relax for a few minutes before we pulled out the tree when my manager phoned. (4th call from work today) She said they were ‘desperate’ for staff tonight, so I agreed to come in for the first 4 hours of the shift…hopefully they were able to find someone for the last 8.

So much for the tree. Oh well. I usually prefer to do it after my birthday anyways (Dec. 12). We’ll try again next week I suppose!;)

This Pocahontas (who’s hair is nice and soft after the conditioning treatment) is off to make some extra christmas moola…..




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