Week and a HALF (I forgot sunday) weigh in: 193.4 lbs (-0.9 lbs from last week= -1.6 lb total)

Today, for the first time since I was a teenager, I woke up with what felt like a tonka truck on my insides, demolishing my uterus.  T.M.I. Time. I went off birth control back in September. Turns out…it takes A LONG TIME for your body to get rid of all those extra hormones because in DECEMBER I am now experiencing my non-birth-controlled body for the first time in YEARS. Point Blank, amen for birth control.

I had a hot bath this morning, and then was feeling way too tired and nauseated for anything fancy. Whipped out a bowl of cornflakes and added a tbsp of chia seeds and an equal amount of goji berries for some nutritonal punch.


Now thanks to some strong advil, heat packs and said bath, I am feeling much better. More emotional than normal. I am finding myself crying at pictures of cute dogs and children, and overly inspired. But hey, I live by the whole everything happens for a reason thing.

So, I want to share a random act of kindness someone gave me. When I was in my second year of university, there was a month in which I was VERY short of cash after paying tuition. I had no clue how I was even going to feed myself that month. On a day where I was feeling pretty hopeless, a woman in my parent’s church named Marcie sent me a card. It told me how much she cared for me, and was praying for me. Inside it was a cheque. She said that she felt on her heart that this is what she was supposed to do with this money. Little did she know, I didn’t even have money to buy groceries this month. I fell to my knees crying. I have never felt so grateful for anything in my entire life. A wave of relief fell over me. This is something she has continued to do. Support me. Marcie has been praying for me, sending gifts, letting me know I am loved for years now. I don’t think she even knows how much every. single. card. means to me. I hope that this is something I can do for someone too one day. I believe that random acts of kindness are contagious. They restore people’s hope in humanity.

Check out these random acts of kindness which brought me to tears on


In this christmas season, when we are all so focused on what we WANT, what can you do for someone else this month? What can you do to ‘make a difference’?

I have something in mind. I find myself becoming jaded when I work in an area where I see poverty, depression, misuse of the system often. The whole world isn’t like this though. I need to open my mind to help others more. I think it will be our new christmas tradition. Helping someone else in need.

*Learning to be grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life.*

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