Birthday Resolutions

As my birthday is fast approaching, as well as a new year, I like to start thinking about the goals I made last year around this time and start planning and revising some for the upcoming year.

2012 Goals Reviewed

1. Run 1500km, aprox 1000 miles.

– This goal was completely, NOT obtained. I was right on track up until May when I was injured/sick…and it went downhill from there. I would like to keep this goal to try again this year. It is not unattainable, I must just be consistent.

2. Run a half marathon in less than 2 hours 45 minutes (my PR is 2:56).

UPDATED: My lovely friend and running buddy informed me my latest PR was 2:49:13….Close!

3. Do yoga once a week.

– I did this from Jan-end of feb., fell away from it, and now I am back at it in Nov-december. I would prefer to widen this goal to a fitness class once a week this year!

4. Eat a bigger variety of leafy greens.

– Done and done. I introduced MANY new greens into my life this year! Kale, Arugula, Swiss Chard…just to name a few.

5. Loose 30 lbs.

– INSERT CROWD LAUGHTER HERE. Absolutely, 100% did NOT fly. In fact. I gained 15 pounds this year. 😦 No more pressure for a number, just to live healthfully and hopfully loose weight in the process.

6. Get ‘fitter’ arms.

– NEGATORY. Arms are just as BLAH as ever. 😉

7. Eat out less than 2 times a month.

– ANOTHER Negatory.

8. Go on more dates with my husband.

– Sort of. Have had more ‘formal’ dates lately!

9. Take a photography class.

– Signed up, and didn’t attend. Went shopping for a bridal gown with a dear friend instead. Don’t regret it at all. I have been expanding my practice though. Still hope to take a class this year!

10. Drink more water.

– Done. 3-4 Litres a day makes my body happy!

11. Pay off visa and Graeme’s education.

– I could cry over this one. Paying FOR Graeme’s education…which has put debt repayment on the back burner for a bit.

12. Obtain no new debt.

– SOME new debt with school. Small loan to help pay what I couldn’t come up with on time!

13. Floss daily.

– BAHHHH!!! I did this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until JUNE!!!! Then I got an abraison on my gums and the dentist made me stop flossing for a few weeks and I fell off track!

14. Go to the dentist. (!!!)


15. Eat only organic eggs/dairy/meat. (Antibiotics and hormones? No thanks!)

– Mostly!!! When we could afford to!

16. Visit our families.

– Done! Going to see MY family this weekend! Saw Graeme’s in September!

17. Take swimming lessons.

– DONE!! I can swim! Yayyyy!! One of my biggest accomplishments thus far! I was so afraid!

18. Get a professional wax.

-Nil. Keep coming up with excuses. IM AFRAID! ha!

19. Read > 12 books.

– I think I only read 5 or 6? :S

20. Go for > 2 massages.

– YES!! Got into the habit of booking monthly!

21. Stop buying magazines.

– Addiction is as strong as everrrr!

22. Get rid of unused appliances.

– Nope. Haven’t purged the kitchen yet. Got rid of other things in the house though!

23. Learn to love my body for what it is…not what I want it to be.

– Learning! Getting better!

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