2013, 23rd Year Resolutions

1. Floss daily! I know…Im gross….I am the world’s worst flosser. Need to get back into the before-bed-habit!

2. Get back into Marathon-Shape! Run 1500km this year! PR! Maintaining the goal to get my half-marathon time down to 2:45!!!

3. Try veganism for at least 6 weeks straight. I am this ever-wavering vegan-carnivore. I don’t eat much meat to start with, but as soon as I restrict myself, I crave it. I need to push past to discover if veganism is truly something I want for myself. I think giving up coffee creamer and yogurt will be the hardest for me!

4. Don’t get sick. I know this sounds like a stupid goal, but in the last two years that I have been nursing, I have gotten sick more times than ever before! In an effort to reduce my sick time, I am going to start taking some more immunity boosting supplements, exercising more, eating better, and washing my hands EVEN more than the ridiculous amount I already wash them!

5. Take a photography class and some more swimming lessons. I want to learn the butterfly this year! (mean arm muscles! woop!)

6. Spend more time with friends a loved ones! More dates, more planned non-exercise outings with friends. Coffee, Shopping, Random fun things!

7. Read 6 books. I have gotten out of the habit of reading real books this year!

8. Switch over completely to home-made cleaning products and personal cleaning products.

9. Recycle. Ack. My arch nemesis. I HATE having recycling collecting in my house…my city is starting to implement a recycling program now though, so I really don’t have an excuse!

10. Go on a trip. A non-family visiting, fun trip!

11. Go camping. I didn’t do anything outdoors last summer!

12. Continue to eat as organically as possible

13. Attain no new debt. Paying off more than the mandatory payments for my school isn’t possible right now for me while paying for Graeme’s school, so I would be happy just to save enough to pay for his school while still making my payments! One more year of the student life!

14. Donate blood and get a tattoo (obviously the blood before the tattoo….both are on my bucket list!)


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