Christmas Truth


Yesterday, we had all intentions of FINALLY getting out the tree and decorations and doing our ‘thing’, but of course, I found every other possible thing to do. Pretty much our entire home is squeeky clean, and not a single glimmer of sparkle or christmas has appeared.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I don’t like christmas, I don’t like what christmas has become.

We live hours away from our families, so it just isn’t feesible to travel home every christmas anymore. Not only this, but I work every third christmas, leaving my husband alone at home. 

I hate the rush to find ‘the perfect gift’, and to ‘make it fit’ the budget; which almost ALWAYS is blown.

I hate the grouchiness, the shoving, and the clutter of the malls.

But through it all, I still love what christmas SHOULD be. I love the time with family, even if it is just a long, drawn out phone conversation or skype-chat. I love the tradition, the foods, the coziness of staying in your pajamas all-day for one day a year.


My absolute favorite part of christmas is church. As a christan, and growing up in a christian home, this has been the most important part of christmas. As a child we would get all-dressed up to attend the candle-light service on christmas eve at church. The church would be glimmering, and beauitful. In those moments, life was perfect. It didn’t mater what, or how much we were getting, but that we were together, celebrating the TRUE meaning of christmas, under the beauitful christmas lights and candle-light.


After church we would read the christmas story once we had the cookies, milk and carrots set out for Santa, and then usually around 3 or 4am begin our ‘Mom, Dad, can we get up yet?’. Yes, as children it was exciting to get a new toy, or shiney new pencil case for school in january, but the best thing of all, was for one day of the year my Mom AND Dad were both home, relaxing with us, taking it all in. Family time.


I don’t remeber many of the gifts I got as a child, I DO however remember my dad checking the turkey, crumbling bread through my fingers as I helped my dad make stuffing, the electric turkey carver, the smell of the bird roasting. 


My mom all cozied up in the same purple and white robe she wore every year, sipping tea, getting out her ‘good china’. 


Those are the real things about christmas for me.

So this year, as you brave the malls, the hussle and bussle. Remeber the true meaning of christmas. Remeber that this is a day of rejoicing the birth of christ. A day for family, for love, and for happiness.


Off to spend some time with my family pre-holiday as I will be working this year. Just as good if you ask me. 😉 Merrry Christmas All!




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