Yesterday was a very low-key birthday, and I loved it. Graeme is still feeling pretty blah from this week’s GI flu. Esentially, he wrote his exam, and then we lazied around watching Glee (my choice) all day. I, the nice wife I am [and also to spare the whole bus-taking world of his germs] picked him up…..we look pretty rough, I blame it on the flu. =)



For dinner we did the whole ‘order and pick up’ thing from one of our favorite restaurants, Alexander’s. They have the most delicious HOME-cooked feeling meals. Meat loaf, veg, potatoes and broccoli soup.

ImageI was completely and utterly stuffed….and G pretty much just ate potatoes as it was the only thing his tummy could tolerate. 


A few hours later, we (when I say we….I mean me, Graeme just tasted everything…) had cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery, The Cupcake Conspiracy. They are 100% nut-free for allergic-kids like myself, and they also have the option of any flavor ordered gluten-free. 



Probably the most low-key birthday EVER. But it was actually perfect. I had a bubble bath, and hit the sack by 10:30pm. Lovely. Exactly what I wanted after the crazy celebrations last year! (Suprise birthday party, ice rink rental, lots of dessert and friends)

Today I need to run around a pick up the last of our christmas gifts for my family as we will be visiting them on friday…trying to minimize the places I go until Graeme is better. Don’t want to pass this stomach flu on to anyone else. 

Going to hit the treadmill today as well, it is MIGHTY cold outside. -20ish CELCIUS! Need to get back-on-track after this week of illness and birthday celebration!=) No more cupcakes for this girl!


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