Random Thought Sunday

A quick check in. No. I have not vanished. Busying myself visiting family.

Some random thoughts this weekend:

– What is it about home? Parents ALWAYS have the best food! Its like….all this wonderful snacking food, and home made soup, and ahhhhh! None of the things I buy at home. Even the things I do buy at home, taste so much better! So weird. There must be magical fairy parent dust sprinkled on it! Ha.

– Enjoyed the day, relaxing, drinking coffee, chatting with my Momma, Pappa and brother. My little sister wasn’t able to come home this weekend.

– Caught up with an old friend last night…sort of. Chatted a bit. It is amazing how long you can NOT talk to people, and still care so SO much about them! So need to put more effort into my long-distance friendships. Finishing school, getting married, starting my career made time pass so quickly, yet SO much has happened in such a short time.

– I haven’t been taking any pictures as we have been just relaxing around the house. Will probably go out and do some small town photography when everyone is at school/work tomorrow.

– Small towns, so not something I am used to. I didn’t grow up here…so I thought my wake up call today was aboslutely weird. They had the fire truck driving snail-speed down the street with a santa-clause-type-parade-procession….knocking on your door asking for food for the food bank. Great idea…but so so strange.

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