Home. They say home is where the heart is. For me, I have two homes. The place I love, and choose to live in, and wherever my parents live.

The past couple days have been a wonderful, slow, coffee-sipping, messy-bun wearing blur of chatting with my family, and lazing around this house that has become a home-despite never actually living here.

The only crappy part-this AWFUL pillow in the guest bedroom. But my Dad went to the city today…and came back with ‘the last part of my birthday present’ (they got me a bunch of Bath & Body Works soaps I wanted)….a wonderful, new, down pillow! I am in love. Best birthday gift they could have given me!

Potentially heading home in the morning. We’ll see. It is an hour and a half drive to get to the greyhound station and there is a winter storm called for. Road conditions are predicted to be terribly. Thankfully and angel, D, from work was able to take my shift. If the roads suck, we will stay home one more day. Fine by me. The only thing that could have made this visit better would have been my sister here! Miss you Katri!

Off to sleep. Must be up in a 6 hours.


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