We’re Back!

We’re Back! That is right! After being at my parents house for an extra day, we got back yesterday for me to work the night shift. Image

After coming out in the morning to -30 (-20 without wind…), recovered last night….After deciding NOT to having a christmas tree this year (since we are celebrating tomorrow and still hadn’t dug it out of storage)….my husband started rummaging around in the storage closet around 10:30pm saying ‘We have to have a christmas tree’.


So we set up out little, ugly, white, charlie brown tree. And by we, I most definately mean he. I sat on the couch eating hummus, critiquing where everything should go! =)

ImageWhy is store bought hummus SO good? I mean, my hummus is GOOD….but not SOOO GOOD! They must add some crazy ingredients that aren’t labelled! Probably not…

So Anyways. We now have a tree. It looks like christmas. AND *Angels choirs sing*….THE TREE IS BROKEN!! YAYYY!!! The mid section lights are toast which means this is our last year with the dreaded ugly white and blue tree (Graeme’s dream…I must have been coming off a night shift when he convinced me to buy it). Real tree for us next year!


We stayed up very late admiring our charlie brown tree, and watching The Santa Clause. Graeme is pretty upset we haven’t watched any christmas movies and christmas is ‘tomorrow’. So now we shall cram in about 5 before then!

ImageOff to do some last minute christmas gift-shipping, meet my bestie for lunch, and pick up everything we need for specculas/christmas feast tomorrow!=)


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