Few Words

I have been absent as I have been loging long nights for days! I still have a few more to go, but I have one night repreive.

Came home to make myself a delicious scramble for breakfast, smothered in ketchup with a side of a smoothie!


Here are some snipits from our low-key-not-on-christmas christmas!:)


Eating appetizers for dinner on christmas eve. Tradition. While watching a christmas movie on the laptop: our TV died!


Graeme and I Christmas morning. We staying in our pajamas all day and relaxed together before I went to my night shift! Graeme got a pair of superhero issue converse shoes…


Then, I went to the bathroom and found this little bugger. Thought I had bedbugs, *PANICKED*, *ITCHED LIKE CRAZY*, looked up bug and found out it is a pseudoscorpian. Don’t bite or pinch…..eat pests.


Ate homemade pumpkin pie.


Admired my new Garmin for way too long. Its the 410 Forerunner-LOVE. Can’t wait to be off and put in my first run on it!


Enjoyed way too many cinnamons for breakfasts, snacks, extra snacks. Another tradition: I rise them christmas eve for breakfast on christmas!


Even more feasting: Christmas eve appies and the movie!


Off to have a bubble bath, watch Glee and sleep way too many hours!=) Will be back routinely blogging in the new-year!

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