Big Ol’ Germ

Today focused on fighting my cold. Really hoping one of the benefits of going vegan will be a boosted immune system!!! I have never been sick as much as I have the past two years, being a nurse! Bah! Trying to wash my hands 200% of the time, take my vitamins, eat healthier, exercise, but those night shifts really kick my behind! Yay for being off of nights in two days! Back to a normal rotation of half days, half nights! Here’s what I am doing to combat this thing today….

photo-141Immunity boosting super nutritious soup….

photo-142Experimental vitamin C boost which I do NOT reccomend. Consisted of soaked dates and their water, mandarine oranges and ice all blended up: perhaps it would have been better through the juicer and minus the dates. Turned out a little too chunky and blah…..but I drank it in hopes of a cure!

photo-143David’s Tea which I got for christmas from the hubbie + honey + the usual vitamin mix. TMI, I have no peed no less than 12 times and its only just back noon: TONS of fluids….. Off to sleep again for nights soon. Aiming to get in a solid 3 more hours before work!




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