Vegan Day 1

My first day as a vegan has been spent with a fever of 38.5…and sleeping for aprox. 14-15 hours of the day. As a result, it hasn’t been terribly difficult to eat vegan! haha. My diet has consisted of tea, water, and toast with vegetable margarine! (Aprox two pieces over the course of 28 hours…)

Tylenol has been my best friend. I finally allowed myself to have a bath once my temperature briefly repreieved to 37.9, but of course the bath brought it back up over 38 again. I am a nurse and yet I do these things to myself. Dummie.

I am feeling so terrible in fact, that I don’t have even one pair of clean underwear (due to working and not being around to do laundry) that I have gone commando all day to avoid getting out of bed. TMI, I know. But its THAT bad. Hopefully this is a quick 24-hour feverish time and I will be back to my functioning self for the new year.

Have a safe, happy new years everyone! Remeber to hail a taxi if you are drinking despite the long taxi waits which there will inevitably be!


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