S’more Coffee!

Yesterday was my first day without a fever. It has been a rough couple weeks between Norwalk, 82 hour work week, and whatever this fever-cough thing was…but I am back!


I tried the raved-about netipot finally. It is everything its cracked up to be! Dosen’t feel like drowning at all. There is bicarb. added to the saline solution so it dosen’t burn a bit!! For the first time in days I was finally able to breath clearly!

ImageBetween this, Glee Season 3, and some beautiful tulips my husband bought me to try and help me feel better…I was a pretty happy fevered gal!



I can officially admit I am a ‘Gleek’. I watched every single episode over this christmas of being sick/at my parents house! LOVEEEE it. 

Yesterday started off with a bang, the shirt I ordered online finally came in after an entire month…..

ImageEven though I ordered according to their sizing chart, it was WAY TOO BIG. *Sigh* and no returns…as I bought it from a silk screen place. Oh well. Will try to alter it down (even though I cant sew)….and if that isn’t possible, Ill rock it like its the 90’s! At least it didnt fit me at that size! Teehee! Its super comfy and I LOVE the saying on it! hehe



Since my fever was finally gone, I got out to do some errands, buy groceries, you know-adult things…;). It was nice to breath fresh air again! Hoping to get out for a run today since  we have a slight repreive from the -30 weather!(-4 today!!woop!). I was able to stock my fridge with TONS of vegan goodies to keep me satisfied thanks to a wonderful grocery gift card we got for christmas. We were so out of groceries from being sick/away that I spent TWICE what I normally do to stock the freezer and pantry up again!!

Last night, the boy and I started doing some house cleaning and disinfecting. Its amazing how gross under the couch cushions get when you have been sleeping on them for a week! BLAH. Vacuumed those suckers out thanks to a friend/neighbour’s vacuume. (Ours hit its grave). Once we were semi-done (more to do today) we cuddled up to watch The Avengers on the lap top (yep, TV died too…and the microwave is on the fritz….its an electronic grave yard here!), and I made a vegan version of a recipe I had been lusting over on pinterest. Smore Caramel Corn. Recipe to be posted soon! Yum yum! NOTE: Use big bowls if you don’t want that microwave disaster pictured above! Haha!

ImageIt is hardly the prettiest thing to photograph, but OH SO DELICIOUS! =) Off to drink some more coffee, do a hundred more loads of laundry, and attend a running/coffee date (my first run back since being sick-and my first run with my Garmin! Jolly! I. can. hardly. wait!).




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