A Week of Vegan

Weight 196.3: Gained some over christmas and was 197.8…..on the loosing train again. Have lost 1.5 lbs this week alone, no calorie counting, just eating until I am full on a vegan diet.

I have officially been vegan for 7 days. It has flown by. The first few days were tough with new years- I found myself food-porning on pinterest and dreaming of pulled pork, but since then, I have been OKAY. No cravings. I am finding it super-helpful to have my friend, B to confide in, and explore the vegan world with-she became vegan 4 weeks ago. It definately makes all the difference to have support!

I picked up a few vegan dairy replacement items to try for fun with my groceries this week. They are OKAY, but the texture is just not there. I got a strawberry coconut yogurt (the best Ive tried of vegan varieties so far), and a key lime pudding. While the yogurt isn’t bad, I think I would rather just abstain then have these ‘wannabe”s. Will potentially try making home made coconut yogurt soon to see if its any better.

I am finding it MUCH easier to eat healthfully because there aren’t nearly as many options for me now. I picked up plenty of snacks with my groceries, including some not-so-healthy things such as ring-a-los (chips) and golden grahams (sugar cereal, surpisingly vegan)…but I am finding myself so much more fulfilled and full after meals that I am not snacking NEARLY as much as I used to.

I thought I was becomming a vegan mostly for the health benefits of it, but the more I talk about it, the more I realize the animal cruelty is a large part as well. I can’t stop thinking about the poor male baby chickens who get thrown into a food processor live because they won’t produce eggs! BAH! Will definately be delving into more of what I believe and figuring it out for myself. I DO get that what I see in documentaries is not always fact either.

Another interesting thing I have found is that vegans are proud! Wherever you go, if you are asking about ingredients in items…and vegan always seems to pop up and be SO willing to help. In one week alone, I have been saved by fellow vegans from eating hidden egg-binding agents which aren’t listed as ingredients in restaurant food!!

Also, I have found that when friends/family ask me about my new choice, they start rationalizing their own choices. Friends. PLEASE. I do not judge you for eating dairy and meat. =) Its  personal choice. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ON MY BEHALF! Haha!

All these interesting things I am learning…one week into being a vegan.

Loving it so far. And I have even ate out (difficult).

Hoping to explore more vegan friendly options soon so I know places I can saftely and tastefully eat!

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