Thursday Ramblings

It has been a whirl-wind start to 2013. The first week I was sick, and the second week I worked-now I am off for two days before back to work.

The darn cold I had seems to be taking its SWEET time to vanish. Still sniffling away with occasional chest congestion. Yesterday just was NOT my day. First, I started off the day being awoke by a call from the manager. Then, I went to fill up the sink, wallked to another room to gather laundry, and came back to the whole sink of water deflected by a pot/pot lid onto the floor. 5 bath towels worth of wet. Blah. Next, I accidently put my day planner through the washing machiene. Then, when that was all delt with, I dropped my  1L water bottle all over me, the couch and the carpet in the living room. Needless to say, I went back to bed after that. HA.

Today is already going much better (and my today, I mean last night and this morning-coming off of nights). I headed out on a 4km run with my friends which was tough! Can’t wait to get back into marathon shape. I still haven’t figured out my garmin. I think I will go on a walk this afternoon with my instruction manual just to figure it all out. Last night headed to good ol’ Montanna’s where we had gift cards and had dinner with our friends B and C. The staff there is so helpful when you order with dietary restrictions. I ordered the vegetarian fajitas, no cheese, no sour cream. The wonderful waitress was awesome. She informed me after that the veggies are cooked in butter so she got them to switch it up with canola oil. Yay! It was beyond delicious, and healthy!

Veganism day 13, going strong. I feel great. I haven’t had any cravings since days 2-4. Right now, I feel like there is no reason to go back…but who knows. We’ll see once the six week trial is up. I find myself tripping over my words when people ask WHY, and not wanting to talk about it to avoid conflict. I need to get my concreat nutritional facts written out so I am not always stumbling over “I think there was a study that said this about B12…or calcium….or what was it?” Will have to do a post soon with my reasonings and what not- help me sort it out in clear, consise sentances for when people ask: because they do. Often.

I just had to write about the miracle drug vitamins I put in my husbands stocking this christmas. At an attempt to get him to TAKE his vitamins daily, I looked for gummie vitamins, thinking I would buy kids ones. Turns out, there are adult ones which taste JUST LIKE CANDY. (From my husbands opinon)….He is actually excited to eat his two-a-day (the package is decieving). Yay! That and this fantastic coconut mint chip icecream really make me a happy girl these days!


Now I am off to have a morning soak in the tub with my second huge cup of coffee of the day (PS. Used my cuppow and got severely made fun of at work for drinking coffee out of a 1 L mason jar…will have to find a smaller one..haha), and go to my annual physical and eye doctor appointments. Boo. Away I go….

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