Bone Chilling

Yesterday was a pretty fantastic day. Turns out that when you wash your day planner-its best to call everywhere you had appointments to confirm….. I completely had the wrong times for EVERYTHING. So, thus, next week I will return to the doctor and eye doctor….apologizing profusely for my idiocy. At least I looked cute doing it?


I try. Haha. No…really I just bought a denim shirt that I loved finally, at the GAP last week…pretty decent price- 30$. I had no idea how to rock it. I know denim on denim is a no-no….but I seemed to look stupid in the black tights with a denim shirt and white tank thing that everyone is doing. Anyways. I wore VERY dark denim skinny jeans and a cheetah print scarf and I THINK it looked okay. Either way, I loved it, so ha.

Since I had screwed up my appointments for the day by showing up at the eye doctor when I was supposed to be a my family doctor and vise versa…I went shopping instead. =) To winners…my one of three favorite stores. The other two being Swank (a tiny shoe and accessory store downtown) and Lululemon! I actually had time to scavenge around and take my time rummaging through the racks and racks of clothes. I was actually honest to myself about my clothing size. Usually I go in there and pick a few things from a few sizes in hopes that the smaller ones which would have fit a year ago will fit. It never works. ha. But I am coming to terms with my body for what it is. Yes, I want to be healtheir and fitter, but no…Im not hating myself anymore. Im embracing who I am. Whatever size that may be. Anyways. I found a perfectly fitting pair of black jeans (made of a courderoy material, minus the stripes?). They hug all my curves perfectly and flatter my shape, despite being ‘skinny jeans’. AND all for 25$! Woop. I also found a flowy black blouse for $22, a black cami for $7, and a cute pair of shaping undies (black lace and cheetah print…rare!) for $7…perfect for high waisted shirts and things. Wearing the black blouse and jeans today with my two day dirty hair (praise be to whoever invented dry shampoo…my locks loveeee you…turns out washing every 2-3 days IS way better for it!)…. feeling as though Im in sweats. Thank you whoever invented these bad-ass jeans!


While out yesterday I also picked up some groceries. We were almost out of my So Delicious coconut milk icecream, so I picked up another brand to try. Let me tell you. I will NEVER ever EVERRRR GO BACK. *WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER, GETTING BACK TOGETHER*…thanks T-swift. Anways. This stuff is called Coconut Bliss and it is phenomenal. It has the great texture of regular cow’s milk icecream, and an even better taste. I like it better than cow’s milk! Its pricer than my usual-$7.95 instead of $5.97….but SO worth it. Graeme even likes it!

ImageDid I mention it is also made with Agave Nectar which is also lower on the glycemic index…and thus, better for you?! Woop. Go buy some. Now!

After my glorious shopping trip (I love the organic store), I came home to make some vegan, peanut allergy freindly thai food. This may be one of my favorite recipes thus far. I used the sauce recipe from THIS website, and did a big stirfry essentially. Check out my recipe here.

ImageI enjoyed it with this awesome organic gingerale which I also picked up at the organic store. It is only 65 calories per bottle…and tastes much more like ginger beer. I love the tingly feeling it leaves on my tounge. I have a feeling my Dad would LOVE it too. He is a big ginger beer fan.

ImageAfter eating, S came over to go for a run. It was only -8 C yesterday morning here, but by 1630 when she got here, it was quickly declining and it was tornado weather windy. The weather was quickly dropping to today’s high of -29 C….Yippee. I bundled up with a tank top, a long sleeve, a fleece running sweater and a wind breaker PLUS wooly compression socks an ear warmer and two hoods. Neeless to say, it was awful. We ran about a KM to starbucks where we got warm drinks, and then ran back the same distance….we couldn’t force ourselves to stay out any longer. Looks like this girl will be doing her long run on the tradmill tonight. Yay. NOT. At least I figured out my garmin finally….but mine and S’s GPS nike watch were NOT the same. Wondering who’s is accurate? Will find out on Lance (my treadmill….its a livestrong…hence I call it Lance…after Lance Armstrong…even though they axed him…but that is for another day…) tonight.


Off to drink copious amounts of coffee, and not leave the comfort of my warm apartment for any reason other than to check the indoor mail area. =) Happy Bone Chilling Day Fellow Canadians!

4 thoughts on “Bone Chilling

  1. I wash my hair a maximum of three times a week, and minimum two. I find that it’s much more cooperative and doesn’t static or frizz or tangle as much. I also switch shampoos every time I buy, and don’t use separate conditioner anymore. It has been great! Nice to see someone else not washing their hair every day too. It’s so much better for you!

    • Yes!! I have switched to completely natural shampoos, and my hair is less greasy in between washes. Then I only have to ‘style’ it once every few days too! Lovely!

  2. Totally just had a smoothie made with mango, blueberries and coconut dessert tofu. Has a funky taste – I think we put too much tofu in it! It reminded me of you 🙂

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