Buyers Remorse


See this beautiful husband of mine?photo-169

He was all ‘go buy the shoes’ when I told him the Sorel’s I wanted were on sale for 25% off. ‘I worked an extra shift, I want you to have them’…. ‘Gift from me’! So off I went….In search of the short brown, warm Sorel’s I had been lusting after for months. I arrived at the store to find that they were not only sold out of my colour, but height as well. I tried on the tall black ones, convinced myself that if I removed the fur I would love them. I passed by these beuties thinking “Gorgeous, but WAY over priced”photo-170

Anyways, I get home…and within 5 minutes I am all “Why did I sell out!? Why didn’t I just wait until next season for the ones I want! I hate these! I can barely walk in them they are so bulky.” And thus…I returned to the arrival, the SUPER helpful store associate was all “I tots understand, buyers remorse. Come back next season! You need to looveeee them if you are going to wear them for years to come!”….and then she broke the news. “We only do exchange or for store credit”. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So. I returned the boots. And I now have that fancy pair for Michale Kors flats which cost me my life savings. 3 times more than I would EVER pay for flats.

Can you say worst case of buyers remorse EVER? At least I have beautiful, designer flats? (Perfect for these -30 C days we are having right now. TEARS)


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