Confessions of a Coffaholic

Confession #1. After working the night shift with no sleep in the day, and then staying up to attend a funeral, I drank 9 cups of coffee yesterday…and forgot to eat. Time to scale it back? I just LOVE it. No, not quitting, just no more 9 cup days. Caping it at 4 cups.

Confession #2. I LOVE watching trashy MTV shows such as Snookie & JWow, and Teen Mom. Don’t judge, just love!=) Watching Snookie and Jwow as we speak!

Confession #3. In my prolonged sleep-less time yesterday, I craved meat for the first time in 3 week of being a vegan. It was definately the fatigue, and no energy to cook-ness. There is NO delivery in saskatoon a vegan with a peanut allergy can eat. *Sigh*. I had some mccain french fries and no longer wanted meat, at all. It was all about the convenience.

Confession #4. Poutine makes me sad. I still can’t find a vegan gravy mix. BAH. I used to love the clubhouse envelopes, does anyone know of any vegan gravy mixes for days like yesterday when I am TIRED?

Confession #5. My house looks like a bomb went off. SO not like  the clean -freak in me.

Confession #6. I like to look at people’s facebook pictures of their hot vacations and pretend I am there. Creepy? Ha. I need a hot vacation STAT.

Off to put some clothes on. Yes, it is 1310 and I am still in a robe, drinking coffee, watching trash TV in my disaster of a house. Run, dinner with friends, and then yoga this evening on the schedule for today. =)

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