Snot Sucker

Wonderful day.

Drank this delicious concoction: Natural Gingerale, Coconut Water and a squeeze of lime.


Avoided this, which I have been eating for DAYS due to being obssesd with it and making two batches…getting sick of it after so much! (Vegan Allergy Friendly Thai…with ramen rice noodles instead of ribbon) Also had a bleh tummy ache for about 2 hours until I took ranitidine, ginger gravol and diovol…stomach ulcer? Talking to the doctor tomorrow!

photo-172Hit up Prarie Ink for dinner with T after I was feeling better. Ordered the Samosa and house salad. AMAZING. YUM! Forgot to find out if the samosa dough had egg-hopefully, and lifely not! Eeps! Will have to check next time!

Then went to back yoga with B for an amazing knot-killing stretch….slow class due to mostly new people, but useful none-the-less.

Ended the day meeting the hubbie at Starbucks for a Tall Soy Caramel Steamer….


Come home to teach him to use a Neti-Pot….in hopes of not having to hear him suck back his snot until his cold is gone. BLEH.

Off for some cuddle-time!


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