Wrong Side of the Bed

Today started off pretty BLEH. I woke up at about 0815 this morning, after a restless night of sleep to find my head pounding (the first headache I have had since becomming vegan-I used to get them every day-every other day) and a giant pool of water in the middle of my kitchen. I texted S to tell her I would not be making our 0900 run at her place and started mopping up the disaster. Around 0900 I finally had all the water mopped up, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I decided to crawl back into bed for another couple hours in hopes of starting the day off on a better foot.

I woke up around 1145, and my head was pounding worse than before and I had these horrible dreams, which I can’t even remeber what they were about now. I realized I was probably just dehydrated as I only drank about 4 cups of water yesterday as opposed to my usual 10-12. I pounded back a litre of water, and hopped into the bath tub while checking my email. [I know, I am just WAITING to be electrocuted].

I was getting sick of myself, which really means if I were around people Id probably smack someone….thats how foul my mood was. I decided to walk downtown (20 minute walk) to run some errands, in hope that the fresh air, and unseasonably warm weather would jolt some happiness into my soul today.


I took my DSLR camera with me too-it always cheers me up. I got not even a block away, and only one picture in and it started raining. Awesome. Walked back home, put the camera away, walked to my car in the rain-cleared off all of the ice, warmed it up…and of course, the rain stopped. Anyways, I decided to drive downtown so I wouldn’t get caught in anymore rain, and then walk from whereever I found a parking spot.

photo-184When I got downtown, it only took me about 3 minutes to start to cheer up. The fresh air, and the beautiful-ness (yes, I know that isn’t a word) almost always cheer me up. That church above is across from city hall, where I had to pay a parking ticket/electric bill…I always think it is beautiful…so today I took a picture. Finally. =) I also talked to an elderly, quite dapper gentleman while waiting to cross the street. He was wearing a grey buret-type hat, a full suit with overcoat, and the shiniest shoes I have ever seen. He looked GREAT. I asked him if he had somewhere special to be, and he said “Oh no dear, In my 89 years of life I have learned that if you don’t love yourself, no one else will. I dress like this every day because I love to feel good about who I am”. Well said Sir. I wish I had gotten his name. He walked across the street faster than me. Oh to be 89 and in tip-top shape!


Next, I walked over to a restaurant which I know is vegan/organic friendly. Soulieo Foods. I have never EVER had a less than orgasmic amazing meal there.

photo-176I love that their food is organicly and localy sorced wherever possible, and they have a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Even their take-away containers and utensils are all eco-friendly.

photo-180While I was waiting for my food to be prepared, I sipped a Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte (you can also get reuglar milk, hemp milk, and almond milk) and instantly was put into a great mood. SO delicous. (I had already sucked back all the pretty foam before I remeber to snap a pic.)


I even picked up some of their pumpkin spice syrup to replicate my latte at home. Its only 10$ and come in a beautiful glass container…and is home made. Way cheaper and yummier than starbucks brand.


I also grabbed some novelty grapefruit sodas….Glass bottle artisan soda is sort of my thing these days. Love.

photo-183I then grabbed my falafel pita wrap, which the waitress assured me was vegan and peanut free and headed home to enjoy it at my kitchen table. (The restuarant only had one, 6 person table left….)

photo-181Let me tell you. This MAY be the BEST wrap I have ever ate.  I know. I say that a lot. I am a food fanatic…but FOR REAL. This was SOOO good.

photo-177If the picture is to small, the description reads: Falafel Pita- Pickles, Olives, Cilantro, Sweet Tahini Lemon Sauce. SO. FREAKIN’. GOOD. I don’t even like cilantro normally…and in this, it was the perfect addition. The sweet lemon tahini sauce was out of this world-so creamy and flavorful that I even called back the store to ensure it was INDEED vegan before I continued eating. “Yes, its vegan, I promise.” Talk about annoying customers huh?

So now, I am in this blissful food coma, getting excited to hit the open road again soon for a run, before it drops back to -22C tonight around midnight. Boo. One day of work tomorrow, then off for a couple more. =) So thankful to be seeing pleasure in the simple things again. Take THAT bad mood.

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