Today we spent the big man above’s day doing exactly as he said to, relaxing. Well…I did. Graeme worked. But when he got home, we relaxed.


I wore a comfy yoga sweater, big sock bun and scarf and cozy socks, and started the day off with a grande soy pike place misto at starbucks (half coffee half soy milk). [Google sock bun tutorial, there are tons out there, and I can’t do it without two hands to take pictures!] We then attended our church where the sermon was esentially about taking leaps of faith. Great sermon today.

After church, Graeme headed off to work, and I hit up sushi with B and P who graciously treated me today! Thanks again guys!

On my way home, I decided I just couldn’t take my nasty eye-brow state anymore, so I stopped in at the salon to get my brows waxed. This is a huge deal, because I have booked multiple waxing appointments and cancelled due to my germ-i-phobia….I find it disgusting to use one giant melting pot for everyone. I got over it for 5 minutes to get my brows done today. I have to say, for 15$, and 5 minutes it was great. I like the look of when I meticulously pluck my own better, but this is def. great for when I am feeling lazy.

C came over this after noon and we chatted the day away while sipping home made pumpkin spice lattes, made with the syrup I picked up the other day. After she left I picked up a couple groceries, and G from work.

When we got home I cooked up some spaghettie and meatballs (Yves Veggie Balls…really good, quick replacement…need to learn to make!) while G set the table and whipped up a quick salad.

We ate, and now Graeme is doing dishes while I switch trays of vegan chocolate chip cookies in and out of the oven. Cookie eating and movie watching to follow (Graeme’s pick, John Carter). Happy Sunday Everyone!


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