Green Beans and Childhood Memories

Today I woke up at 4:55, and forced myself to stay in bed until 5:30-thankfully I drifted back to sleep until about 7 when I woke up as my hubbie was getting ready for his practicum, but drifted back off to sleep again shortly after he left. A broken 8 1/2 hours of sleep- and then I was woke by the phone ringing. It was G…his bus never came-he ended up waiting in -23C weather (-40 with the windchill)….for no bus. *Sigh*. He was going to be late, so I drove him. Darn city buses. If we are going to pay $75 a month to use you, the least you could do is ACTUALLY SHOW UP! Rant over.

When I came home, I was still in my PJ’s….just threw on a sweater, scarf and boots. I made a huge pot of coffee, did my usual blogging/reading and made some tofu scramble. I know, sounds gross…but is actually one of my favorite tofu recipes. If I didn’t know it was tofu I would have thought it was egg-whites.


I then got down to budgeting. I feel like I have been running this race of trying to pay back debt/pay my husband’s way through school all while living on one income (his part time job makes hardly anything and is more of a hobby)….and loosing the race. Today I did a lot of reading/consulting with B, who I admire a little for her ability to manage money. I formulated what I think is a realistic budget, labelled envelopes, wrote lists. We will be living on a cash-only diet in an attempt to get in a better place financially, pay off debt, save, and still donate to our charity. These are all very important to us no matter what our income bracket.  I had to resist that HUGE batch of cookies at the same time while I sat beside them at the kitchen table….lets just say….the huge batch is a little less huge. Bad day for eats today.

ImageAfter that was all said and done, it was basically time to go pick up G from his practicum. I headed out there, with the plan of getting my check-up blood work done (and some tests to see if I have PCOS, which my doc thinks is pretty probable), which I was told fasting was not necessary for. Anyhow-it was necessary….and one of the orders my physician wants done can be done in a few different ways which she didn’t specify. One of which is a glucose tolerance test (because a problem with PCOS suffers is insulin resistance, diabetes, in even normal weight suffers). So now I have to head my doctors office in the morning to sort it out….while fasting…and then head to get it all done. 

When we got home, I started on curry, G’s request for dinner. I basically made basmati rice in the rice cooker (white…G’s request again, I try to always get brown for health reasons) with half a can of coconut water/cream and then cooked up some carrots, black beans, a potato, onion and garlic with some curry paste, curry powder, tumeric, salt and pepper, cumin, and the other half of the coconut water/cream. Simmered for about 40 minutes while waiting for the rice to fluff up in the rice cooker…..and voila! Delicious. I wish I took measurements to share, next time!:) Served it up with some oven roasted green beans (massaged with 1 tbsp olive oil and salt…roasted for 12 minutes, until caramelized and crispy). Perfect meal.

ImageNow, G is washing up the dishes (a perk of being the only cook in the house…no dishes!=) SOOOOOooooo worth it. Plus, I LOVE to cook, if you haven’t noticed. )and  then he has some school work, so I am delving into the book I got from my parents for christmas in my stocking: The Doula by Bridget Boland; its pretty good so far…chapter 4….Stay warm!

SIDE NOTE: I am SO incredibly thankful that my parents raised me to adore cooking. One of the best gifts they gave me, other than raising me in a home full of christian faith and love. I can’t remember an age that I couldn’t cook…I was always in the kitchen as the ‘chef’s assistant’ with my Dad, who also has a passion for cooking. Cooking for Dean-O’s Diner[my maiden name was Dean]….some of my fondest memories with my Dad……



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