Oil Cleansing Method, Two Months Later


I started using the Oil Cleansing Method about two months ago. In the begining, my skin raged a war of white heads, and continued on and off for a month.



I decreased my cleaning from every day, to once every two or three days, using mear water and coconut oil (to remove make up and moisturize) in between. This change seems to have been the most effective. My skin is now MOSTLY smooth. This pic below, I am wearing some under eye concealer and some shine powder, however no pigments in the areas I used to have acne. Ive also waxed my eye brows since…so it isn’t all skin magic! I have to say, my skin feels happier, more moisturized and more ‘natural’ [no harsh chemicals! Yay!]. Not to mention I have barely used one bottle of the home made cleanser, and the supplies which cost me about 24$ in the beginning should stretch me about 15 months according to my current use. 


That is $1.60 a month for a full-fledged natural, organic skin cleansing regime! Ill be sticking with it! As for some stubborn acne that comes back every few weeks-my doc is doing some blood work….she thinks it is a hormonal issue, NOT a skin care issue. =) 

**Note** I also became vegan two weeks into this program which may also have some effect on my changing skin. 

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