Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Today was the coldest day this winter so far, night-shift recovery day, and G’s first day off in 26 days. I had to go out at 4am to try and start my car while at work just to make sure it would start after being out in -46 C without being plugged in. I almost froze my face off…the little bit that was exposed to the air.



When I got home I slept for 6 blissful hours before work phoned me to take a shift, which I declined, waking me up for the evening. Cleaned the house in anticipation for my family to visit tomorrow (it had gotten grimey with G home all day ;)), threw in some laundry so I had more than underwear to wear tomorrow, and ordered in….

ImageI have a mear week left of my vegan trial period and I just had to have pizza. Seeing as there is nothing in our fridge to make one…. I took a chance and ordered a vegetarian pizza plus olives and extra sauce…no cheese. I was very skeptical so I also ordered some potato wedges just in case. 

ImageIt was actually incredible! I got double the toppings instead of the cheese, without asking. I had the flavor and chew of pizza….and all without the greesy belly ache I always get after the dairy-laden type. I may even prefer it this way!

I am still battling with whether or not to maintain this lifestyle or switch up to just being vegetarian after my trial…but I need to decide soon. I will admit I do miss eggs and low fat yogurt. Easy protien. At the same time….I just can’t stop thinking about the poor baby chickens. If you have seen ‘Vegucated’, you know what I mean.

Anywho. Off to soak off my grime in the bath, and attempt to get some night-time sleep before a long day of grocery shopping and visiting with my family tomorrow!:)

Stay warm!



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