Under Water Parking

Yesterday I picked up my baby brother (he’s 16) from the greyhound around noon, and we spent the day picking up groceries and just hanging around. Around 1600, my parents got into town (they had been at a retreat for work all week, hence my bro came on the greyhound).

I was well on my way getting dinner all ready. I was going to ‘wow’ them with a ‘I can’t believe it’s vegan’ recipe…..well. Let me just say that didn’t happen. I was going to make this recipe, lentil loaf, which I had made before when I was a non-vegan and loved….even said ‘wow, I can’t believe there is no ground beef in here’. My food processor decided to die (it is only two years old…must dig up kitchen aid waranty on this $300 appliance). After about half an hour of tedious hand-grating all the ingredients, I got distracted by water coming out of my sink, flooding my entire kitchen. My husband jumped in to clean it up and bail water while I pressed on with the loaf. After 40 minutes in the oven, my loaf was still mashed-potato consistency. I forgot to put in the gluten free bread crumbs, nuts, and raisings. DOH! Thanks distracting plumbing. We ate it anyways. Not only this, but after dinner I called my care taker….who came down EXTREMELY drunk and inappropriate…and was no help. His very sweet, very helpful wife was out of the building….so I had to call the emergency number to get the landlord who called the plumber. We spent the next couple hours waiting for the plumber by bailing water into the bathtub and sopping up water with bath towels. He finally arrived and snaked the drain for about half an hour to tell us that it was all clear, ‘just some tree roots’. 

We sat around the rest of the evening talking, and hit the sack before midnight. I forget HOW little my apartment is until I have to sleep an extra 3 people in it!:) Ha!

Today we woke up with a fresh start. I headed into the kitchen and whipped up a batch each of gluten-free pancakes, vegan pancakes, and coconut whip for a vegan breakfast feast. Sucessful. I hope. My mom never has a bad thing to say about any of my recipe flops….let’s just say the gluten free pancakes did not look so delicious. She ate them with a smile on though!

Everyone showered/ dressed and then my brother and dad went for hair cuts. On their return it was lunch time. My dad and brother headed for sushi, and I brought my momma to check out Soulieo. One of my fav. organic/local/vegan+gluten free friendly restuarants in town.

ImageMom got the vegan lentil soup and beet salad. I tasted the soup and it was lovely! I got my fav. regular….the vegan falafel pita with sweet tahini sauce and home made pickles + a side of fresh orange juice. YUM.



After my that my family left for home…and I returned to my car to find a parking ticket. ARG. When I got home, my care taker (wife) came by to see how things went with the plumber. We were chatting about building buisness and I mentioned how I would love to have a parking spot if someone moved. She brought up the fact that my neighbor who is sick/decreased mobility dosen’t have a car…and may be willing to rent her spot to me! Maria and I walked over, I met the neighbour (whom I have only seen once)…and we exchanged numbers. I am now the proud owner of a electrified parking stall right beside the door of my apartment building for fifty bucks a month!! YAYY! So happy! And so greatful to meet my utterly kind neighbour!

Preparing now to head to another neighbour and friend’s murder mystery night! It’s sure to be fun…. On the comments note: What do you think of my sharpie tattoo? This is a similar design to what I have been thinking. Drew it on to see if I actually liked it….



5 thoughts on “Under Water Parking

  1. I was wowed with the “I can’t believe it’s not vegan” loaf. It was probably the most delicious food I have had in forever! The pancakes were a bit cinnamony for me but texture was great. Hmmm, might need to go vegan myself. Wonder how the meatatarian men in my house would feel about that?:)

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