It was SO warm yesterday around here that there were puddles on the side walk. That is a pretty big change from last week’s -46!! I left my house in a scarf and gloves…ended up home in just a jacket. Thank goodness I brought  a gym-bag with me.ImageI relished in the sun by doing my errands on foot. Walked to the pharmacy in one of my favorite areas of town, Broadway to pick up some vitamins as mine were out, as well as some vegetarian samosa’s from the Bulk Cheese Warehouse….becomming a weekly day off tradition.

ImageWhen I was done doing what I had to do, I took the long route home along the river bank to get in more fresh air. I could have stayed out all day! Walked along the path taking pictures of my beautiful city.

ImageIf only I had brought along my DSLR, great photo-taking day. The sun was shining and I just felt HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. Thanks vitamin D! =)


I walked for about 45 minutes total, and then when I was nearing home I ran into some construction blocking off the entire walking trail. Boo. Alas, I headed home.

ImageWhen I got to my area, I noticed the new recycling trucks were out. I am so excited that my city has finally got on board with having a lighter impact on the earth.

ImageMy only beef is that these trucks stop about 15 times in the ONE block radius of my house….*See millions of blue bins*….yet none of the apartment buildings that scatter the block have recycling? WTF people? You would think you could want to maximize the effectiveness of these trucks? One stop = apartment AND house…not just house. Silly governement. I hope we get apartment pick up soon!


Anyways. Beef of the day over. I came home to have a nice, relaxing evening with the hubbie. Started watching a series called ‘Sherlock’…..I didn’t think I would like it AT ALL. But I am really LOVING it. It is like, CSI meets Criminal Minds meets something amazing! Great! I was very sleepy, and ended falling asleep watching the show around 9pm.

I was woke by a terrible nightmare that my baby brother was killed in a car accident at about 3am. Awful.

I slept in a little later than usual and then headed to a walk-in today for some UTI symptoms I have been dealing with for a few days. Lets just say, awful. Ended having to see two doctors becuase the first one was such a giant anus. UGh. Anyways. I have my antibiotic now, and am trying to relax. Have some fresh tomatoes roasting for some tomato soup. As long as it dosen’t flop, recipe to follow!=)

Off to boot camp EARLY tomorrow! Wish me luck!;)

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