Recipe Link Love

Today, I went on a cooking frenzy. I cooked a big pot of pasta, beans, and another full of fresh tomato sauce! Oh! And can’t forget cauliflower poppers! Yum! Along with all the carb-age I also cooked up a loaf of artisan bread as well as some chocolate cup cakes. 

ImageI used this recipe as a guide:, however I just couldn’t hold out 12-18 hours of rise time! I was far too excited, so I cooked my loaf after 5 hours of rise-time. I put my dough into a cold dutch oven, into the oven, covered, for 30 minutes at 400 F. Then I removed the lid and finished it off with another 30 minute bake.

ImageThen I made these cupcakes from Oh she glows:….minus the icing, plus some coconut ice cream! =) Vanilla variety.

ImageAnd the piece-de-la-resistance! Cauliflower poppers from here:

Lets just say. I want to eat cauliflower EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. from this day forward. Holy yums!

Off to watch some trash TV and relax my sleepy body. Some antibiotics are kicking my butt.




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