The Best Day of the Year!

If you know me, you know that Valentines is my favorite holiday. Hold your halmark comments and let me live in a pink, heart bliss… okay?

I started off the day by running a few errands. (P.S. We obs celebrated a day late as I was sick…agaaainnnnnn. More on that later.)

Graeme brought me home some beautiful flowers [my favorite, tulips]:

ImageA beautiful bracelet from one of my favorite stores, Swank, which he picked out all my himself:

ImageAnd cup cakes from my favorite bakery in Stoon, The Cupcake Conspiracy:

ImageWe got all purdied-up and headed out for a night on the town. I left my hair naturally curly for once, SHOCKER.


We went to a great restaurant in downtown Saskatoon called Spadina Free House. It was delicious. We had been there only once before, on a very cold summer night, outdoors, so it was nice to go again without the distraction of being freezing cold!

I got the lemon butter halibut, served with rice and veggies which was delicious, but not THE best I’ve had [Vancouver owns the #1 halibut meal I’ve ever had…]


Graeme decided on the pulled pork and apple pizza. He said it was a 6/10. I tasted a bite and would say it is more like a 8 or 9/10. Super delicious with a stone oven cornmeal-type crust. Yum.

ImageAfter dinner we headed over to Saskatoon’s by-donation-only art gallery, The Mendal. They were featuring canadian aboriginal artists.

ImageWe didn’t know if we were allowed to take pictures…so we were very stelth about it. Ha. It was so quite and serene in there. Love it. I always forget how much I love it in there!

ImageThey also have a little plant conservatory which was dark, but beautiful none-the-less.




ImageThere was a weird tin can phone exhibit…it didn’t work. 😦

ImageAfter the art gallery, we headed to McNally Robinson to check out some books and get hot chocolate. Neither of us were really in the hot chocolate mood by the time we were done, so we didn’t get hot drinks, but I did purchase ‘The Book Of Awesome’ to read….on sale for $7, SCORE! We headed home to enjoy my cup cakes for dessert with some tea.

ImageI tried the mint chocolate one! Delicious! Off to relax with the husbsters now! (I am starting my new meds tonight, here’s to hoping I feel better, and have no side effects as the doctor anticipates!!!)

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