Weight: 190.2 (-8.7 ONE week! After NO loss all month.)

Yesterday we had grand plans of going wall-climbing, however, I made the mistake of eating refined carbs with my new meds (I had been warned of this…) in the form of a hamburger bun/ veggie burger and was stuck in the bathroom emptying my stomach again. Lucky me.

ImageI was already sick for about a week and a half BEFORE starting the meds, but since starting I have already noticed a HUGE difference. While the side effects are troublesome, they are supposed to resolve in a few weeks. Thankfully, I feel pretty good aside from the 1 or two hours after taking my meds each day. A total for 4 hours a day. Much better than bed-ridden. If you are wondering, I have started taking a medication traditionally used for diabetes called Metformin. If you want to read about why it is given to PCOS sufferers you can read all abut it HERE. The most common effects of the medication are gatrointestinal issues and weight loss (due to your body properly using it’s insulin). Because I am usually sensitive to medications I did anticipate side effects, so thankfully I knew it was coming. Everything I have read seems to warn that refined sugars make the side effects worse. I definately learned this. Now trying not to eat ANY refined carbs until the adjustment phase is over, and only taking half-doses until my body gets more used to it.

photo-233We’ve been eating things like yogurt and fruit, and fajitas in lettuce shells instead of tortillas. All still delicious. Another thing I have noticed since taking the meds is that my appetite is much decreased and I don’t CRAVE carbs much (another symptoms of PCOS). I have already lost almost 9 pounds this week. Whether that is from puking due to stomach upset, or the meds will tell with time I suppose. It is encouraging though, because it is the first time in months (years?) that weight has come off EASILY.

When i was feeling a little better yesterday evening we met some friends for coffee which was wonderful. WONDERFUL. I missed them! =)

Other than that, G and I have just been hanging around home….tolerating my symptoms, praying to be back to normal VERY soon. 😉 [had to get a tow out of my parking lot today due to melting snow…hopefully this means spring is just around the corner?]


Haha. True fact. Depsite what pinterest says about shoving ear phones in your nose….the sound is NOT amplified out your mouth. We. So. Gullable. hehe.

photo-236If you haven’t read this book, I highly suggest it. G and I have been taking turns reading out loud to one another. It is basically just all the ‘little things’ that make life great…compounded into a book. Its a short, funny, easy read. A great bathroon or coffee table-reader-type.

I am off to sip some coffee, do a million loads of laundry, and enjoy my sunday home with the husband. Thanks for all your continued prayers and well wishes for good health. Its on it’s way. I can feel it. So hopeful. 😉

6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Wow! Exciting weight loss for only one week – although I am not sure I would want to go through the bathroom visits in exchange 😦 . Hope the meds do everything they promise!

  2. I was on Metformin for a while, I’m surprised you’ve lost so much! I gained TONS of weight while I was on it! Hoping that you feel better soon. Can’t wait to try your pulled pork recipe.

    • What on earth were you on it for? It helps stop fat storage, apparently most people lose weight so it sucks you had the opposite effect!! It is DELICIOUS! We eat it non stop until its gone for a few days! haha

  3. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17. I went on it (not from my family doctor), then when I saw her she took me off it right aways. It was terrible, I hated it!

    • Blah. That blows. Because I am not on birthcontrol I have RANK symptoms and lab abnormalities…so I needed to go on it…as well to try and concieve. My symptoms were under control with birth control so Ill probably just go back on that eventually….my symptoms are already going away now though!

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